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Collapsible design for metro areas
Tilt for easy loading & unloading
Wide range of
Strength & durability tested 
Certified Trailer


European made, versatile car trailer that stores away!

WallTrailer is a car trailer like no other! The unique collapsable design makes having a trailer in metro areas possible, storing away within minimal space. It's strong and adjustable, allowing it to be tilted for easy loading and unloading. Available with a wide range of accessories, WallTrailer can carry any cargo and be used across work and play.

WallTrailer has been tested in Tatra's well-established testing complex in Koprivnice, Europe with high-speed driving, and overloading on a variety of test tracks.  Its proven quality, durability and resistance ensures a long lifetime of usage!

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Collapse & store in just  2 minutes!

Takes up only 38cm of floor space!

Inspired by the retractable wheels on aeroplanes, the WallTrailer is designed compactly to take up as little space as possible during storage.  Folded up, the WallTrailer only requires 38cm of floor space!  Anyone can store and put away with an easy to operate hand winch.

Wooden Garage
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WallTrailer is constructed from high strength welded steel with closed profiles that ensure long service life.  All steel parts are hot-dip galvanised, including the side panels.  The front and rear panels can be folded and withdrawn.  Side panels can be folded down. 



The WallTrailer includes: mechanism for trailer folding, collapsible panels, 4 x floor fixture, 8 x goods fixture welded to the frame, anti-slip waterproof plywood, front adjustable wheel. 

Total weight: 750 kg

Pay load: 570 kg

Trailer weight: 180 kg

Total dimensions: 309 x 160 cm

Depth of collapsed trailer: 38 cm

Loading area: 185 x 118 cm

Plate thickness: 1,5 mm

Tyres: 4,5 x 10"

Brakes: no

Axle: Knott

Speed: 110km

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A wide range of accessories increase the many uses of this already versatile trailer. Whether you are transporting gravel, pushbikes or a ride-on lawnmower, the WallTrailer's got it covered. You can even use its foldability to have it stable and titled to load up that quad bike or tip out that gravel.

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