WallTrailer is constructed from high strength welded steel with closed profiles that ensure long service life. All steel parts are hot-dip galvanised, including the side panels. The front and rear panels can be folded and withdrawn. Side panels can be folded down.


The WallTrailer includes: mechanism for trailer folding, collapsible panels, 4 x floor fixture, 8 x goods fixture welded to the frame, anti-slip waterproof plywood, front adjustable wheel.


  • Code: DSF_WT

    Trailer weight: 750 kg
    Pay load: 570 kg
    Trailer weight: 180 kg
    Total dimensions: 309 x 160 cm
    Total depth of collapsed trailer: 38 cm
    Loading area: 185 x 118 cm
    Plate thickness: 1,5 mm
    Tyres: 4,5 x 10"
    Brakes: no
    Axle: Knott
    Speed: 110km